Forex Market Explained

The Forex is a market where you can trade on several Assests ex. currency markets such as the EUR/USD and energy markets such as oil and metals markets such as gold and silver, And stock markets such as Facebook and Apple stocks, Another markets such as sugar and coffee 

Simply trading in the Forex market is the process of buying or selling a commodity or currency or any of the markets that we explained

So, you analyze the market based on the data shown in front of you and you sell if you expect that the price of this commodity or currency will fall in the future and you buy if you expect that the price of this currency will rise in the future

The process of buying and selling is done by opening buy or sell Order, and you specify where and when these deals will be closed and can be closed with a profit or loss according to the validity of your expectation, and if you close with a profit, it is immediately added to your account, and if you close it at a loss, the amount is deducted from your account

Expectation is made by reading the chart and analyzing the current price movement and price movement in the past, because  the current price is affected by the past movements and this process is called technical analysis.

While expecting price movement by following the news affecting the currency itself or a specific pair is called the fundamental analysis.

Technical analysis is better than the Fundamental , but both should be combined

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