Japanese candlesticks

A Candlesticks represent the price movement on the chart by identifying four main price points1- Opening price2- Closing price3- The highest price during a specific period4- The lowest price during a specific period The Japanese candles are represented by a specific time periods starting from one minute, five minutes. Ten minutes, quarter hour, half hour, hour, four hours, day, week and monthSo if you choose Japanese candles, for example, on a one-day time frame, you find that one candle represents one day, and the previous candle represents the previous day, and so on. From the shape of the candle for a day you can know : the opening price of the day, the closing price of the day, the highest price reached through the day and finally The lowest price reached This applies to the rest of the time frames, so the time frame for one minute, mean that the one candle represents only one minute, and so on for the rest of the time frames.Japanese candles are the most popular and best way to read the price movement for ease of reading and analysis at any time and there are two forms of it , including:1- A bullish candle indicating an increase in the price during a specific time period2- A bearish candle indicates that the price has fallen over a certain period of time

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