Binary Option Definition


  • One of the most popular investment areas in the past 10 years is the ease of transactions and the clarity of the products of profits or losses even before the transactions, in addition to the indicators that help the trader in the binary options market to predict the correct direction of movement of the price of the commodity , Commodities and metals) traded on them

Trading steps in binary options

  • It is very simple and you can do it without having to be an expert in a field. All that is required is that you learn some basics such as knowing the terms and definitions of binary options trading as well as knowing the news and updates of the type of investment you want Were coins, metals, oil or shares
  • All you have to do is choose a reliable brokerage firm, and through your account in this brokerage company you will select the asset you wish to trade in, such as gold or currencies (dollars, euros …) or corporate contracts such as (Apple, Microsoft …). By reading and following the indicators of the global markets that monitor the movement of the price of this asset you can expect whether the price of the origin in the uptrend or the bearish trend.
  • If you see a bullish trend, then you choose to buy a “buy option”. If you see that the price trend is bearish, you choose to buy a “sell option” from the expected increase or decrease.
  • When you settle for the option of the contract you want to execute on an asset, you execute the contract by entering the amount of amount you want to invest and the amount of profit you would like to achieve from the transaction within a specified period of time. When your expectation is correct, you win the amount of the return shown in the contract, which is about 70% -95% of the value of the investment amount, while if your expectation is incorrect then you lose the amount of investment you specified
  • If the price does not move from its place above or below, the value of the investment will return to you

The difference between binary and forex options

  • Many beginners are often confused by binary and forex options, but the fact is that the two types of investment have a lot of differences. Here are the most important differences:
  • Forex: You buy a pair of currencies and then sell at a specific time to win or lose depending on the direction of the price movement at the end of the deal, while in the binary options you bet only on the direction of price movement during a specified period and the amount of money and a specific profit.
  • In the binary options you win as long as you expect it to be true, and you lose when your expectation is wrong, while in Forex you lose when you sell at a lower price than you bought, and you win when you sell at a price higher than the price you bought.
  • Term of contract or transaction: In binary options the term of the transaction is predetermined, while in Forex you are determined when you want to close the deal.
  • Indeed, binary options are a great way to invest for anyone who wants to invest their money in international financial markets and to benefit from their knowledge or experience in any field. With a little experience and some special focus and training in the presence of a so-called demo account in brokerage firms, you can make a lot of profit in binary options trading