• for Bitcoin and Bitcoin vault mining
  • Mining City is a Partner Of and
  • Receive daily interest by BTC and BTCV (from the 11th day since the activation of the package)
  • The investment is running for 1100 days (receive profits daily in your wallet)
  • You can hold the Bitcoin or the Bitcoin vault for long investment or you can exchange the profit into cash
  • Earn daily profits through investing, marketing to other people to join your team and make progress in the ranking
  • Simply open an account and choose the appropriate package 

  • MINY is a project to mine and invest in MINY coin
  • Get daily profits and bounces
  • Profits range from 10-19% currently per month on the investment amount, and profits increase with the increase in the coin price
  • You can convert the miny coin to Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum at any time through the website
    Or keeping the miny coin in order to invest and sell it when the price rises
  • Receive commissions of up to 100% when referring a new person to Miny and joining your team
  • Pay investment in miny through Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum
  • Investment packages start from 0.75 Litecoin, 0.005 Bitcoin, or 0.25 Ethereum
  • The Miny Token is a very important feature and has a huge impact on your earnings! All your profits, i.e. Mining Rewards and Commissions, are paid in Miny tokens. These can be exchanged in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies at any time.
    There are only 50.000.000 Miny Tokens available with a fixed market cap of $50M which is 100% backed. And every time our users make an exchange, those Miny Tokens are burned, leading to a secure increase in price value
    What does it mean for you?
    Keep your profits in Miny Tokens to benefit from multiplication of your earnings!
  • With Miny you can earn in 2 different ways:
    1. Earn with Mining
    Join our Mining Pools and start earning a secure passive income every day.
    2. Earn with our Affiliate Program
    Tell other people about the great opportunities that Miny offers and start earning commissions

More Opportunities Soon..